About Me:

Hey Hey Hey! My name is Bobbi! I am blessed to be the wife to my incredibly supportive husband and also a stay at home mother to our 4 spirited, creative and adventurous little girls. My girls keep me on my toes and our house is always filled with squeals, shrieks, laughter, crying and yes screaming. Lots and lots of screaming... real life folks. We find our peace in the outdoors. No matter the season, you can find us hiking, exploring, beaching it, rock collecting, swimming, biking or sledding. When we are not outdoors, we enjoy Saturday morning dance parties, weekly amateur hour in our living room (you are invited!) and love to sneak in a marathon movie/snuggle day when we can. I am a lover of the arts... everything from paintings and music to great food and theater. I grew up thinking I was going to be famous oil painter, then I had kids. Seriously though... my kids have taught me so much about life and how I want to live it: be kind, humble and be in the moment as much as we can. In the last year I really wanted to document all our moments: smiles, my girls' imagination, hikes, adventures, their cute lil mad faces, that dimple I hope my 3rd daughter won't loose... It was my desire to freeze every moment in time which led me to this amazing path of photography. Now I want to share my passion with other families. In our photo session I want to record the real authentic moments, from how a husband adoringly looks at his wife to the child who plays with his/her Mama's hair. Even a child's cute lil grumpy face I might get from time to time... because it's REAL. Family is truly everything to me, so it would be an absolute honor to capture the love and bond for other families in their true essence.